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Day Two: My Least Favorite Book

Endless Love by Scott Spencer.

I read the whole thing and it just bothered me. It’s about a guy who is “so in love” with a girl that when her family tells him to take a break from coming to the house he decides to burn it down, SO THAT she’ll HAVE TO come out and see him. After his time in jail, he breaks parole and stalks the mom and eventually runs into the girl and their make up sex is the grossest erotic writing ever, pages and pages of it that end with the main character saying something about how he was glad that he got up to lock the door when the maid knocked because she would have seen them in bed, covered in her period blood, which made him think that the maid would have thought it was a murder scene.

I kept calling the book endless summer when I was reading it. I think it reminded me of my irish ex boyfriend who moved out to LA after we broke up and after I told him I didn’t want to work it out and after all that cold hard honesty he was still frustrated with me for not playing the girlfriend role for him anymore. 500 days of summer came out and he refused to watch it because I kept raving about it and then on his flight home for Christmas, or something, he saw it and hated it and called it 500 days of ifer.

Maybe it was bad timing, but so far it’s my least favorite book.